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- There is a currently known bug for signed video like VEVO : we are working on it, please don't disturb the support
- 99% of the received messages are answered in the F.A.Q : Due to abuses, we don't answer anymore to already answered questions.
- Windows 10 Developer or Technical preview doesn't synchronize purchases you've done, yes it's sad but they are BETA, and it's depend of Microsoft, not us ;).
- Please detail the devices used (smartphone, TV brand and model, etc.) and URL if it's about videos you can't watch or cast.
- "It doesn't work" without any information doesn't help the support team : be very precise of what you see on which video (with URL) with which device.
- There is no SD Card support for Windows Phone (and no access to Videos and Music directories), we need to rewrite the app to add it. As it's a very long work, it's not planned
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